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Jerzi Olivia Brazie 

is a local musician and loves to sing her versions of popular tunes while playing electric ukulele. She covers songs from oldies to today's hits as well as songs by bands that not many people have heard of. Jerzi also has started her dream wedding band that plays multiple events from weddings to private parties, but you can see them play locally at venues every now and then. Check the EVENTS page :)

As of 2022, the band consists of 4-5 members! Jackson Squires is the newest addition to the band as guitarist and currently also manages the soundboard. David Gonzales has become the lead guitarist and provides lead and/or backup vocals. Justin Mandell is on bass and occasionally switches to guitar for some songs. Curtis Wright has become one of the main drummers. The band (@JerziBand) originally featured Gus D'Angelo on drums, Jett Morrow or Josiah Nalzaro on guitar/vocals, and David Gonzales on bass/vocals. 2019-2021 Justin Mandell has joined on bass while David Gonzales rocks the electric guitar and Andrew Smith provides killer beats on drums. (Guests of honor: Bashaum Stewart, Joshua Ewers, Kai Turner, Tristan Plyant, Kacy Carvajal, Matt Kraft, and a few others!) 

If she's not performing, she is working on the business side of directing the wedding band and learning how to carry on the family tradition of using music as a form of entertainment for all. Jerzi loves God, her family, and all of her friends. Thank you for stopping by!

Photo/Video Credits:

Kip Brazie || IG: @kipbrazieSean Rustay ||, Jon Wolf || IG: @jonnybites, Steph Davis ||

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